Towards a New Paradigm of Open, Collaborative, Efficient
and Connected Cities

Program and Presentations

09:15 Opening

  • Francisca Tomás Alonso
    Vicerrector of Transference, Entrepreneurship, and Employment
  • Jose Guillen
    Councilman for Planning - Murcia City
  • Pedro M. Ruíz Martínez
    Dean of the Computer Science Faculty
  • Antonio Skarmeta
    Head of the Research Group Intelligent Systems and Telematics
09:30 Session: Smart Cities Initiatives
Chair: Jose Marquez
Computer Service Department. Murcia Council.

  • Telefonica's Experiences in Smart Cities
    Álvaro López
    M2M/IoT Unit Telefónca
    Find the presentation here
  • Open and Agile Smart Citites
    Katalin Gallyas
    Civic Tech Amsterdam
    Find the presentation here
  • Smart Cities: The Scandinavian 3rd Way
    Mirko Presser
    Danish Case Smart Aarhus
    Find the presentation here
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Session: Technologies
Chair: Rafael Ataz
Unit INFO Europa - Energy Projects Manager. Smartie Project
  • Security and Privacy in IoT and Smart Cities
    Antonio Skarmeta
    University of Murcia
    Find the presentation here
  • Smart City Economics and data monetization
    Nuria de Lama
    Find the presentation here
  • Design Aspects of a Smart City Platform
    Tobias Jacobs
    NEC Europe
    Find the presentation here
12:30 Session: Sectors
Chair: Francisco Gallego
REGENERA. Murcia Smart Cities Cluster.

  • IoT based Smart Building Solution
    Miguel Angel Zamora
    OdinS. Smart Building
    Find the presentation here
  • María Sofía Iglesias Gómez
    TRAGSA Smart Agriculture
    Find the presentation here
  • Improving efficiency with Smart Cities solutions
    Enrique Gomez
    SICE Smart Lighting
    Find the presentation here
  • If smart mobility is the answer, what was the question?
    Antonio Marqués
    ETRA Smart Mobility
13:45 Closure
14:00 Lunch
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